Detention Officer


Houston County Detention Center

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ANNOUNCEMENT DATES:   May 18, 2021 – Until Filled

POSITION TITLE:     Detention Officer                                     GRADE:  15A       

SALARY RANGE:     $38,168.00 ($18.35/hr)

SUPERVISOR/DEPARTMENT:  Lt. George Ruynon/Houston County Sheriff’s Office/Detention Center                                                      



The purpose of this classification is to perform protective work functions associated with maintaining the safety, security and welfare of prisoners in the county jail.


High school diploma supplemented by 2 years of work experience involving public contact or equivalent combination of training or experience; Ability to complete GA POST Basic Jail Officer Training Course; Must be 21 years of age by completion of basic training; Vision 20/40 corrected; Must be able to climb stairs reaching, bending, kneeling, squatting, walk, possibly run, and be able to move 160 lbs. at least 40 feet; Must meet minimum score on ACCUPLACER test Reading 55, Writing 60, Math 34; Must pass physical, drug screen and physical assessment; Must have a credit report with a minimum score of 500; No criminal history, Driver’s history must not show a pattern of disregard for traffic laws; Must be able to complete written reports using Microsoft Word or other report records management program; Must be able to multi-task under different degrees of circumstances; Must be able to supervise inmates under the direct supervision concept which requires direct contact and supervision of inmates for the entire shift.


Attached is a copy of the job description. Please review thoroughly. Must complete the Houston County Detention Center Application.  Application Packets are online at,  at the Houston County Detention Center or Sheriff’s Office.  For more information contact the Detention Center at 478-218-4910. 



The following duties are normal for this position.  These are not construed as exclusive or all-inclusive.  Other duties may be required and assigned.

Enforces jail rules, regulations and procedures; maintains inmate discipline; maintains a secure and peaceful environment in the facility.

Monitors inmate activities inside the facility on a continual basis (e.g., during meals, cleaning activities, exercise, work, recreation, visitation, personal hygiene, and related activities).

Takes headcounts of inmates as required.

Receives/releases inmates transferred to/from the facility; completes applicable forms; secures personal property; makes photographic and fingerprinting records of incoming arrestees; explains jail rules, regulations and procedures.

Performs various functions associated with ensuring the health, safety and welfare of inmates (e.g., distributing meals and removing meal trays; providing clothing, bedding and supplies; obtaining medical aid; coordinating visitation; distributing mail; coordinating telephone communication; etc.).

Administers medications and first aid; responds to inmate requests for other medical attention; determines whether medical care is needed; forwards medical request forms to nurse.

Transports inmates to/from court, medical facilities, work assignments, or elsewhere as directed; accompanies inmates from one area of the facility to another.

Searches inmates mail, lockers, cells and buildings to locate/remove contraband.

Performs tower guard duties to assure security of facility; monitors television screens; operates electronic access doors; maintains log of activities.

Performs periodic security checks of facility; inspects locks, alarms and other security devices.

Assists officers in restraining violent/unruly arrestees.

Receives monies in payment for fines, fees, bonds, inmate accounts, or other departmental services; records payments and issues receipts, forwards revenues as appropriate.

Operates a computer to research, review, enter and/or modify information in database.

Processes a variety of documentation associated with departmental operations, per established procedures and within designated timeframes; distributes documentation or maintains records as appropriate.

Prepares routine correspondence, forms, reports, logs and other documents via computer and/or typewriter; maintains daily reports on all incidents, accidents and activities; maintain records.

Receives various documentation; reviews, processes, responds, forwards, maintains, and/or other action as appropriate.

Communicates via telephone and two-way radio; provides information; takes and relays messages and/or directs calls to appropriate personnel; returns calls as necessary.

Responds to routine requests for information or assistance from inmates, family members, attorneys, court officials, employees, the general public, or other individuals.

Maintains inventory of departmental supplies; initiates requests for new or replacement materials.

Provides backup coverage to other officers as needed.


May perform basic maintenance/repair tasks related to jail facility and grounds.

May conduct various errands as assigned (e.g. picking up supplies, transporting mail or documentation, etc.)

Performs other related duties as required.


Knowledge of the practices of modern penology as related to the supervision and care of persons under institutionalized restraint; knowledge of relevant federal, state and local laws and ordinances; knowledge of departmental policies, procedures, rules, regulations and functions; knowledge of the security, rules, regulations and procedures of the institution; knowledge of basic principles of psychology; knowledge of law enforcement radio communication systems, and of radio codes used in public safety work; knowledge of first aid and CPR techniques; knowledge of occupational hazards and safety techniques; knowledge of report preparation and recordkeeping methods; knowledge of standard office practices and procedures; knowledge of standard office equipment; and knowledge of basic computer applications and techniques.

Skill in enforcing jail regulations; skill in restraining individuals without causing physical harm; skill in operating specialized security equipment and tools; skill in use of firearms; skill in driving; and skill in utilizing various computer software programs relevant to the position.

Ability to enforce institutional rules firmly and fairly; ability to supervise the activities of large groups of inmates; ability to understand and explain departmental policies, procedures, rules and regulations; ability to detect potential behavior problems of inmates; ability to detect the early symptoms of common health problems; ability to analyze situations and to adopt effective and reasonable courses of action with due regard to surrounding hazards and circumstances; ability to react quickly and effectively under emergency conditions; ability to carry out work assignments with minimal supervision; ability to write clear and concise reports; ability to understand and follow detailed written and oral instructions; ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, inmates, officials, other agencies, and the general public; ability to effectively interact with the public, often in stressful situations or in situations requiring firmness, courtesy and tact; ability to perform required mathematical calculations; ability to utilize various computer software programs relevant to the position; ability to operate standard office equipment and specialized security equipment and tools; ability to learn to use and care of firearms, and to operate firearms with proficiency in marksmanship; ability to exercise care in operating a motor vehicle; ability to stoop, kneel, climb, or otherwise physically maneuver in conducting work activities; and ability to safely lift and/or carry weights in excess of 100 pounds.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to operate a variety of equipment and tools including a patrol vehicle, firearms, radio/communications equipment, camera, television monitor, VCR, fingerprint ink machine, handcuffs, leg irons, baton, computer, printer, typewriter, copy machine, facsimile machine, shredder, and telephone. Physical demand requirements are at levels of those for very heavy work.

DATA COMPREHENSION: Requires the ability to compare and/or judge the readily observable functional, structural, or compositional characteristics (whether similar to or divergent from obvious standards) of data, people, or things which may include forms, reports, legal code books, bulletins, procedural manuals, reference materials, and operational manuals.

INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION: Requires the ability to speak with and/or signal people to convey or exchange legal, law enforcement, and court-related information, including giving assignments and/or directions to co-workers or assistants as well as communicating with officials and the general public.

LANGUARGE ABILITY: Requires ability to read a variety of legal, law enforcement, and court-related documentation, directions, instructions, methods and procedures.  Requires the ability to complete forms and to write job related documentation and reports with proper format, punctuation, spelling and grammar, using all parts of speech.  Requires the ability to speak with and before others with poise, voice control, and confidence using correct English and well-modulated voice.

INTELLIGENCE: Requires the ability to learn and understand relatively complex legal, law enforcement, and court-related principles and techniques; to understand departmental policies and procedures; to make independent judgements in absence of supervision; and to acquire and be able to expound on knowledge of topics related to primary occupation.

VERBAL APTITUDE: Requires the ability to record and deliver information, to explain procedures, and to follow verbal and written instructions.

NUMERICAL APTITUDE: Requires the ability to add and subtract totals; multiply and divide totals; determine percentages; and determine time and weight.

FORM/SPATIAL APTITUDE: Requires the ability to visually inspect items for proper length, width, and shape using job related equipment.

MOTOR COORDINATION: Requires the ability to coordinate hands and eyes in using job related equipment and to operate motor vehicles.

MANUAL DEXTERITY: Requires the ability to handle a variety of items, job related equipment, control knobs, switches, etc.  Must have the ability to use one hand for twisting motion or turning motion while coordinating other hand with different activities.  Must have average level of eye/hand/foot coordination.

COLOR DIFFERENTIATION: Requires the ability to discern color.

INTERPERSONAL TEMPERAMENT: Requires the ability to deal with and relate to people beyond giving and receiving instructions.  Must be able to adapt to and perform under considerable stress when confronted with an emergency.

PHYSICAL COMMUNICATION: Requires the ability to talk, express, or exchange ideas by means of spoken words and/or hear and perceive nature of sounds by ear.